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Flat files in Java made easy: JFileHelpers

June 7, 2008

It’s almost certain every Java programmer out there had to deal with handling of delimited or fixed length flat files at one moment of his career.

I have just created a library that makes it easier to work with that: JFileHelpers. It uses the awesomeness of Java annotations to allow you to handle flat files with minimum changed to existing code. It’s a port of the awesome FileHelpers C# library, by Marcos Meli.

We are also looking for developers who would be interested on joining the team. If you’re not available, you can also help by using the library, and giving feedback on features you’d like to see implemented.

Hope you like it, I would really like to hear your opinions on the library.


Change is a good thing – almost always

October 19, 2006

Hey there readears,

I guess it’s been a long time, right? Yeah, lots of things happened since last post, good things indeed. I have quit my previous job to join the Big Blue. Yeah, you know, IBM… I was a little bit skeptic about changing jobs, mostly because I didn’t know exactly what I was going to find here, what kind of project I would be involved on.

Well, for my surprise the first thing that I received when I started was an excellent trainning on the WebSphere Integration Developer or the WID Tools as IBMers like to call it (yes, they just LOVE letter soups!). And along came the concept of SOA (Services Oriented Architecture), what seems to be the buzzword on the corporate world for the moment. I gotta admit it’s a good concept, but I have been hearing about that for almost 10 years now. SOA mixes WebServices with Workflow tools in a nice way. All you have to do is draw your process and there you go. Well, from a management point of view, that’s kinda true. But behind the scenes, as we all know, there are some hard work. And thanks god there is, imagine if all costumers could build their applications just by pointing and clicking – I would not be hired right now!

Aside of that, I am involved on a great project, with lots of smart people involved and an excellent team. My manager is reasonable, likes to be involved and the other developers are quite open to hear what you have to say.

Well, those are the news from the front so far… In minutes I’ll get back to the action with an article about Java and ActiveX interop. See you all by then.


Google Code Search: we’re human after all

October 5, 2006


Well, I have to confess that sometimes I feel bad for my and for other people’s code. But after searching Google Code, I guess everybody’s normal. Check some fun results, when you:

Have Fun!!!