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Eclipse, your way

August 16, 2006

Recently I found a great website called that has many specialized versions of Eclipse. For instance, if you are a Web developer, EasyEclipse Server Java should do the trick for you.

The catch is that they offer versions with the most useful plug-ins pre-configured into the distribution. In addition, you also can download self-installing plug-ins from the website.


  • Out-of-the-box configuration
  • MacOS, Linux and Win32 automated installation
  • Download, click, install plug-ins
  • Multiple languages versions, like LAMP, PHP, Ruby on Rail, Python, …


  • Based on rather old 3.1 version

So, that’s it. Let’s just hope they make the migration to 3.2. When they do I will most likely start to use it as my default IDE.

See ya next time!

Update: Cool!’s member Phillip just sent the link to the 3.2 beta preview. Keep up the good job!